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It appears businesses start and collapse no matter where they are established.

This could happen in the United States of America, The United Kingdom and India or China. Undeniably, small businesses are the backbone of every economy. This simply implies that a lot more research must be made into why new small businesses collapse. When the global economy collapses it is small businesses and new enterprises with new thinking and direction that bring resurrection and resuscitation.


According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), small business was key for the nation’s recovery from the recession between 2009 and mid 2013; 60% of jobs created were from small businesses.


This book is intended to teach, in simple terms, what it takes to dream, start and run a successful business. But consider the fact that whatever this book teaches is also good and applicable to larger and existing businesses. To entrepreneurs, this book will serve as a road map to start and run a very successful business.


As you read this, I am sure two questions will be provoked in you.

1. Who is an entrepreneur?

2. What is entrepreneurship?


For a start, an entrepreneur stands between a target market (someone who needs a product or service) and a product or service. So, an entrepreneur is someone who is able to mobilize the needed resources to deliver a product or service to a target market. And he/she bears the full risk of that endeavor and the profits that come along with engaging in that enterprise. So, if you are able to gather resources to produce and deliver clean drinking water to a community that lacks clean drinking water, then you are an entrepreneur and the art or process of doing it becomes entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurs solve problems: – they find new ways to solve problems and create value. What specific problems abound in your community or country? Is it access to clean quality drinking water or school? What value can you bring to what product or service is already available in your community or country?


As an entrepreneur your job is cut: solve problems and create value.

But in setting up their businesses to solve problems and deliver value, entrepreneurs and small business owners always make simple and petty decisions that ultimately bring down the businesses and enterprises that they toil to establish.


The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that about two-thirds of businesses survive 2 years in business, half of all businesses will survive past 5 years, and one-third will survive past 10 years.


In very simple terms, this book will give you better tools and strategies to make better decisions in order to build profitable and sustainable enterprises.


This book will share with you twenty-four tools and strategies that will help you start and run a successful business.

It should be noted that the tools and strategies outlined in this book are not arranged in any special order.