Learn2Lead is a 5-module fully packed masterclass leaders coaching specially developed for leaders and aspiring leaders on how they can create impact in themselves and the people they lead.

Effective leadership in the 21st century has become complex and elusive to most people and organizations. People have tried all sorts of means to achieve results all to no avail or have fallen short of their desired targets. One reason why this is so is because in most leadership training, the person of the leader is neglected.

Most importantly, when hiring and choosing leaders, we primarily focus on what they can achieve and not what they can become or help people to become. Our focus is always on targets and performance indicators, focusing on these things are not wrong in themselves, what makes it wrong is over emphasis on targets and performance indicators whilst neglecting the person of the leader, the impact they can create in themselves and the people they lead.

In Learn2Lead, we lead the leader or the aspiring leader to know themselves, their shortcomings, and forces within themselves and how they can turn the slate around to create impact in themselves, their organizations and the people they lead.

We deliver this through a combination of highly effective coaching process by way of practical and effective workshops which also comprise of assignments, vertical and horizontal interactions Anyone serious about creating tremendous impact within himself and in the people, he leads will find this leadership coaching a great resource.

Training Objectives

  1. Learn2Lead recognizes that leaders are created from the daily decisions they make in everything they do and that leadership capacity is consciously built from effective decision making towards making an impact in a leader’s life and the people he/she leads.
  2. Leaders learn about the proactivity and innovation cycle and how to use it to consistently increase growth and performance in your life and organization.
  3. That at the heart of every person’s ability to succeed in any area of their life is the ability to lead.
  4. Help the leader discover himself/herself, his weakness and strengths.
  5. Help the leader create impact in himself/herself and the people he/she leads.
  6. Help the leader acquire the techniques, strategies and tools to help them rise above the next level of their organization’s development.
  7. It delivers rare insights into helping you master key principles that will empower your organization perform at a rate you have never dreamt of and constantly innovate.

Training Description       

Learn2Lead a five-module coaching comprising both theory and practical modeling strategies.

Training Strategy

Training will comprise of seminar style presentations

  • Assignments

Target Participants

Leaders, Sales Persons and Branch Managers

  • Managers and CEO’s
  • New Employees
  • Line Managers and Front-Line Officers
  • Credit Union, Church Leaders, Men and Women Group Leaders
  • Departmental Leaders, Preachers & Ministers
  • Church Management, All Christian leaders concerned with church growth and development
  • All players concerned with the success of their organizations

Course Content

The 5-Levels of Leadership a well-defined 5-step process that allows the leader to know and access forces within himself and help him acquire rare strategies on how to create impact in himself and the people he leads.

The Proactivity and Innovation Cycle

Learn effective strategies to help you and your team stay on top of your game. ALWAYS.



DATE : AUGUST 26, 2021


RATE : gh¢165 (This will cater for cost of conference, conference material, refreshment and certificate)


Leviticus Eaglekings is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, leadership and performance coach.

For more than two decades, he has shared his knowledge and ideas passionately with business leaders, decision makers, professionals, academia and young people.

He is the author of tens of books.

In 1997, he started a research into what separates peak performers from their less completive ones.

This research culminated in the birth of a new leadership philosophy and a number of tools and strategies that are helping businesses and people make better decisions and create the impact they have always desired.

He has developed a strong ability to helping people rise above their current limitations to create the businesses, organizations and lives they desire

Leviticus Eaglekings has the very tools and strategies that people, businesses and nations need for success in the 21st century.


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