leviticus eaglekings

Leviticus Eaglekings is a great speaker and coach. Leviticus’ top-notch, presentation style and groundbreaking content will positively focus, equip and inspire your team to do better.

The author of thirteen books on leadership, personal improvement, change, performance, youth development. Leviticus’ coaching has impacted several people, businesses and teams.

 As CEO of the learntolead academy, he did a research into what separates peak performers from their less competitive ones. And after two decades he has developed a new leadership philosophy.

He speaks to people across every spectrum of life from academia to industry. Leviticus has only one motive “to help you move into action”

Leviticus offers a wide array of keynote topics ranging from subjects like leadership, personal development, change, performance, and motivational content based on his thirteen books and more than sixty manuals and unpublished manuscripts. To have a keynote custom-tailored to fit the needs of your organization, event and team please send mail to info@leviticuseaglekings.com