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There are billions of young men and women who parade our streets every passing second. They are great sleeping giants with MBA’s, degrees, certificates and others without formal education.

But one thing is certain. They all have visions and dreams. They are passionate, they want to be a part and enjoy the life other people do. But, surprisingly have been shut away from their dreams and lost the hope of ever creating and enjoying the life they desire.

They want to create a better day. But they are stuck: WHY? They are stuck in disbelief. Where some of them have been able to put their dreams into motion, they are rudely awakened to the limitations of young age. Their success train stops before it gathers pace.

In this volume, Leviticus Eaglekings the bestselling author of Financial Breakthrough offers young people the opportunity to set the fire of success ablaze: One more time, one more step, one more moment and shrug off one more difficulty. And like a free bird fly toward the rising sun.

He takes young people through the simple steps of helping them take immediate control of their lives and produce the results they have always wanted to.

Through this book he guides young people on the specific decisions they must make in order to become the people they have always desired to become.

Finally, he takes young people through the 4 major obstacles that hinders their growth and provides ways they can overcome them.