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This is a 2-day event for young people under the age of 40yers of age.

Three billion of the global youth population is under age 25. These are people with enormous thinking capacities, strengths, unlimited talents and imaginations.

But, as the seconds tick their opportunities in areas such as Politics, Sports, Fashion and Cosmetics, in the Social, Entertainment, Finance, Media, Energy, Law, Agriculture, Environment, Medicine, Education, Transportation, Mining, Technology, Tourism, Construction, Literature, Manufacturing, Management, Marketing sectors and other areas of human life dwindle.

These three billion people make up a great number of the global population. They form the backbone of every nation and the future of humanity rests with them.

Young age is a transitional period. So is marriage, elections, public office, and life itself. To better manage and grow young talents through this period means young people must be helped to meet the challenges in their periods of transition.

Through a rigorous research we have discovered six main areas that can be mastered by young people.

Through this 2-day event, participants will…

  • Learn to plan your life and live it well
  • Learn rare tools and strategies that will young people master their personal and professional lives.
  • Create wealth making opportunities exponentially
  • Learn the tools and skills to create lasting change in themselves and the people they lead.
  • Learn to reinvigorate their spirit of leadership and discover their inner strength to make change last.
  • Learn strategies and tools that will help them peak perform in their transition from youth to adulthood.
  • Learn the tools and strategies that will make you an effective negotiator