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Three billion of the global youth population is under age 25. These are people with enormous thinking capacities, strengths, unlimited talents and imaginations.

But, as the seconds tick their opportunities in areas such as Politics, Sports, Fashion and Cosmetics, in the Social, Entertainment, Finance, Media, Energy, Law, Agriculture, Environment, Medicine, Education, Transportation, Mining, Technology, Tourism, Construction, Literature, Manufacturing, Management, Marketing sectors and other areas of human life dwindle.

These three billion people make up a great number of the global population. They form the backbone of every nation and the future of humanity rests with them. They definitely will pass it onto another young generation-but are we preparing them to take charge now?

The question many nations, the UN, the commonwealth and other recognizable groups grapple with is why has the global youth failed to create and utilize the enormous opportunities available?

Young age is a transitional period. So is marriage, elections, public office, and life itself. To better manage and grow young talents through this period means young people must be helped to meet the challenges in their periods of transition.

Through a rigorous research we have discovered six main areas that can be mastered by young people.

 Training Objectives

  • Learn to plan your life and live it well
  • Learn rare tools and strategies that will young people master their personal and professional lives.
  • Create wealth making opportunities exponentially
  • Learn the tools and skills to create lasting change in themselves and the people they lead.
  • Learn to reinvigorate their spirit of leadership and discover their inner strength to make change last.
  • Learn strategies and tools that will help them peak perform in their transition from youth to adulthood.
  • Learn the tools and strategies that will make you an effective negotiator

 Training Description

The Greatest Young Person is an eight hour, six step training program comprising of both theory and practice.

The program takes participants through the following six steps:

  • Goals Setting
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Wealth Creation
  • Peak Performance
  • Negotiation

 Training Strategy

Training will comprise of…

  • Seminar Style Presentations
  • Group Wealth Networking
  • Take Home Assignments

 Target Participants

  • Young People
  • Youth Trainers
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Young Leaders
  • All Young People Who Want To Become The Best


Step One: Goal Setting


Our first step is the challenge of creating a blueprint for the lives we want to enjoy. Goal setting is an important part of success. A well planned goal is 70%achieved. Mankind has always overlooked this area of planning and the resultant effect is a life filled with unbridled failure. Goal setting challenges participants to plan their lives in an effective manner using revolutionary tools and develop results oriented approaches to success.


  • Implement the right goal setting strategies for maximum results
  • Overcome personal and professional barriers to efficient performance
  • Master your ability to set and achieve goals
  • Create your own blueprint for success
  • Create the empowered path to success
  • Understand the reasons why people fail in their endeavor to achieve their goals

Step Two: Leadership                 

Young age is a transitional period. Like in all other transitions in life, strong and effective leadership is needed. The young person needs to learn the very basic strategies that will help them become an effective personal and people leader.

This step will help young people learn to master habits that will make them better personal leaders.

  • Learn the strategies that will help them lead others with excellence.
  • Learn to create a lasting effect in themselves and people they lead.
  • Help young people understand that leadership at any level begins with them.

Step Three: Networking

Learn powerful ways to network and work in groups in various challenging environments.

You will be immersed in minutes of observing, discussing and learning advance concepts and interventions, practicing the skills you will learn with other group members and become a part of an environment that encourages you to step up and rise to the next level of your personal and professional life and achieve group goals.


  • Learn the enormous opportunities you can create as part of a group.
  • Learn how other people’s ideas can shape yours to create a bigger impact.

Step Four: Wealth Creation

The power of the human mind is the source of all inventions. The mind has so much latent powers waiting to be awakened. You gain rare insights into tapping the powers of your mind to produce unlimited opportunities to create wealth and improve the quality of your life.

Learn specific thinking patterns that will help you gain true wealth. Contribute and be empowered to create wealth for yourself and the people you care about.

Create abundant wealth, increase its value exponentially and enjoy financial freedom.


  • Use the power of the mind to create wealth
  • Learn to manage and grow wealth exponentially
  • Crate personal and professional opportunities exponentially
  • Know the decisions and actions that will sabotage your wealth
  • Learn to end financial wealth sabotage.

Step Five: Peak Performance

We have always viewed time management as though it were an inanimate thing. The truth however, is our actions are not distinct activities: the initiation of any action creates a ripple effect. Every single action has an effect; an effect on our ultimate goals. In this step, you learn to take actions that will always have positive impact on your life.


  • Gain the understanding that our actions are related.
  • Learn how a positive action will produce a positive effect on your biggest goals.
  • Maximize your performance within the shortest possible time.

Step Six: Negotiation

Negotiation is an art: The art of winning people to your way of thinking. Negotiation is used in all spheres of life. On a daily basis; we negotiate with ourselves, with our wives and husbands, family, co-workers, bosses, the airlines and transport operators.

In today’s business environment, negotiation has become a necessary tool. Every successful person or anyone who wants to be successful must be able to use the art of negotiation well.

This part introduces young people to the power of negotiation and how they can positively use this are in their personal lives and businesses.


  • Learn the simple art of negotiation
  • Learn to understand how you can use the power of negotiation positively in your personal life, business, church, community and family.
  • Learn to use the art of negotiation to easily win people to your course
  • Become an effective negotiator