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In 2020 the pandemic tested every man and woman under the planet. Our resources were stretched to their limits, some were broken beyond repairs. But, trust me it also brought billions of new industries and ways to live and love. Let your resilience help you stretch your eyes towards the horizon, a new day beckons.


Do you know that every man and women can create a super abundant financial life?

Do you know that everyone can be financially free?

Join Leviticus Eaglekings on your journey to financial freedom.

It’s going to be an awesome day of learning from the best on how to create the life you desire.

Money has defined the behavior of humans since the beginning of time. In Money: how to earn it, how to spend it, Leviticus Eaglekings guides you on…

  • How to Generate Wealth Ideas
  • The 5 Reasons why you are POOR
  • How to Be Financially Free
  • How to Create a Personal Budget
  • How to Create a Financial Turnaround in Just 7 Days
  • The 6 Secrets to Personal and Business Growth

It is time to take control and create a new world: a new world of financial freedom.




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Leviticus Eaglekings is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, leadership and performance coach.

For more than two decades, he has shared his knowledge and ideas passionately with business leaders, decision makers, professionals, academia and young people.

He is the author of tens of books.

In 1997, he started a research into what separates peak performers from their less completive ones.

This research culminated in the birth of a new leadership philosophy and a number of tools and strategies that are helping businesses and people make better decisions and create the impact they have always desired.

He has developed a strong ability to helping people rise above their current limitations to create the businesses, organizations and lives they desire

Leviticus Eaglekings has the very tools and strategies that people, businesses and nations need for success in the 21st century.


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